Rotarian Application

Rotarian Applicants

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the YRYLA team.  We are looking forward to another great year and looking for people who are willing and able to carry-on and build-on the previous years.  YRYLA needs people who are ready to facilitate the “RYLA magic” for young people.

Rotarians are paired with Counselors for each small group.  It is the Counselor’s role to lead the small group and the Rotarian’s role to assist, observe the group dynamics, participate when appropriate, and support the Counselor.

The Rotarian approval process begins by completing an application.  You must:

  1. Complete the online application below and click “Submit”.
  2. Submit your application by April 30, 2023 please.
  3. Attend the training session (dates to be determined) and attend the camp (July 2023).
  4. Once selected, follow the steps below to fulfill the requirements of the Youth Protection Policy.

To enable youth to continue to develop their leadership development and to ensure the fullfillment of the goals for the YRYLA campers, YRYLA will hold a mandatory Rotarian and Counselor training session.  You must attend this training to be a Rotarian at YRYLA.

Rotarians are expected to be selected by May 15.  Thank you for your interest and involvement in RYLA.


Youth Protection

Iowa Young RYLA requires each Rotarian and Counselor involved with YRYLA to complete an application, complete an online training course and authorize a background check prior to the camp.  

Iowa Young RYLA pays for the cost of the background check.

Once you have been selected, your name and email address will be given to Suellen Kolbet, who will set you up for the online training course.  Once you complete the course, she will send you a link for you to authorize a background check.  The online training course is must be repeated every third year.  The background check must be authorized annually.  If you already a current certification of training and background check for another program (like Youth Exchange), upon verification your certification will suffice for RYLA. 

Please respond promptly when asked to complete youth protection forms.

Thank you for being willing to subject yourselves to this necessary process.


Rotarian Application (Rotarians please apply below.  YRYLA applicants, 7th and 8th graders, please go to bottom of the About YRYLA page to apply.)